Inspired by the Seasons

Fresh seasonal produce is a huge part of our menu planning at Rickys. Each season has its star fruits and vegetables, and we love working with what is abundant throughout the year.

Through Autumn, and leading into Winter, I am working with some amazing local produce from both Maravista Farm, as well as the Noosa Farmers markets.




These are growing really well at Maravista Farm, and in a number of varieties which results in lots of fresh colour. My favourite way to serve radishes at the moment is using them instead of bread or crackers to eat dips and purees with. If you’re buying yours from a market, make sure they are firm and not cracked.

Baby Turnips

I love the texture and flavour of these. We use them roasted, and when we have too many we slice and pickle them. They remind me of colder months and I love serving them with duck.


We get a lot of baby zucchini and flowers from the farm, and often stuff them with spanner crab and batter them with tempura. Any large ones we make into zucchini piccalilli, which is like a pickle or relish.



Jerusalem Artichoke

This is one of my favourite vegetables, but get them while you can as the season does not last long. They are great roasted with roast chicken, and I use them to make soup with chicken. The family are loving it with some toasted sourdough bread.


As soon as these are available I snap them up. These will last you all year if slowly poached in a spiced sugar syrup, and are great with savoury and sweet dishes. Quince Tarte Tatin is my go to Winter dessert served with cinnamon ice cream.


These are my favourite fruit and I use them wherever I can; from the zest for my ocean trout for the restaurant, to sweet puddings. Mandarin soufflé is always a winner.

– Chef Josh Smallwood