Baked Pavlova With Caramelised Plums, Whipped Mascarpone & Macadamia Praline By Josh Smallwood


90g whites
180g sugar castor
1tsp corn flour
1tsp white vinegar

Whisk whites until frothy, slowly add sugar bit by bit until all sugar is incorporated and the mix is not grainy, this should take approximately 5 mins. Make a slurry with the vinegar and corn flour, add to mix and whisk for a further 30 seconds until well combined. Bake several spoonful’s of meringue on grease proof paper at 120c for two hours. The meringues should be crispy on the outside and soft in the middle.


500g blood plums
100g brown sugar
1 vanilla pod
50ml apple juice

Scrape vanilla pod and mix well with sugar and apple juice, toss halved plums in sugar mix and place on oven tray flesh side up. Bake at 180c for 10-15mins. Allow to cool.


250g mascarpone
125g Greek yogurt
100g cream thickened
50g castor sugar

Whisk together all ingredients until whipped and aerated, be careful not to over whip.


150g macadamia
100g sugar

Make a caramel with sugar and pour over macadamias. When cool, blitz to crumb texture and keep in freezer.

To assemble:

Break up meringues and spoon dollops of the mascarpone over the top, place plums over cream and drizzle syrup over. Scatter macadamia praline all over and garnish with mint.